Integrated Power Systems for IoT

Currently, the interest in flexible and thin electronic devices with a wide range of applications including mobile devices, healthcare, smart surfaces or wearables among others is growing. All of these applications require electrical power, so traditionally they have been connected to conventional batteries or grid power where appropriate. However, the characteristics of conventional batteries such as their limited mechanical flexibility (bulky, rigid and non-flexible) makes them unsuitable for powering flexible electronics.

The need for thin and flexible energy storage for electronic devices has driven industries to look for alternative solutions and sources. Energy harvesting techniques have increasingly been adopted for wireless devices to provide a self-sustaining energy supply. The environment provides infinite ambient energy, including piezoelectric, thermal, vibration, and photovoltaic energy. However, all energy harvesting systems need energy storage for times when the energy cannot be harvested.

The energy storage solution must have some specific characteristics such as a long lifetime (from a hundred thousand to tens of millions of cycles) and a long shelf time (ideally, decades) without any major changes in their operational parameters, efficiency, and flexibility as well as, being able to work in a very wide temperature range. Unfortunately, existing solid-state and semi-solid-state supercapacitors cannot meet the above-mentioned criteria, nor can electrostatic double-layer capacitors meet the operating temperature requirements.

Therefore, supercapacitors and thin film lithium-ion batteries have been developed as the best alternative for applications of energy harvesting.

Who is this for?

  •  IoT sensors manufacturing and/or integrating companies
  • Telematics companies
  • Any product manufacturers who are willing to adopt IoT technologies, e.g. tyre manufacturers, medical devices manufacturers, etc.

High-efficiency energy harvesting solutions

Lower cost
High-temperature resistant
Thin & Stretchable
Energy harvesting technologies
• Dynamo
• Solar
• PV & Thermal
• Thermoelectric
• Fuel Cells
• Radio Frequency
• Vibration
• Triboelectric
• Hybrid Solutions

Solid-state thin film energy storage devices
Thin Film Rechargeable Batteries and Supercapacitors

All solid-state
Ultra-thin and flexible
High and low temperature resistant
Long cycle life
Safe and robust

High efficiency ultra-low power management modules

High efficiency ultra-low power PMIC in flip chip configuration
Ultra-low power Microcontrollers
Customized best performing solutions
Key Features
• Thin
• Flexible
• Autonomous
• Wireless
• Temperature Agnostic

• Vehicles
• Medical devices
• Machine tools
• Street lights
• Smart buildings
• Wearables
• Wind turbines
• Smart cards
• Infinite number of other devices